Light Sculptures

My latest expression are these light sculptures that I've created. The idea came about when I was left with a bunch of edison bulbs after different DIY build and while hanging out with a friend, I'd noticed he had a bunch of offcut wood laying around. Using the wood as the base, I drilled holes for the bulb(s) and dowels and played around with compositions. I wanted to create a sense of atmosphere and I did this by using different width and length dowels. A perception of depth and space is also created by the shadows. I hope you enjoy them.

Paper Sculptures

I've been experimenting with creating sculptures out of paper. Each sheet of paper as an individual is pretty fragile and inconsequential but when stacked upon one another, layer after layer, shape and space is formed. In Nassim Taleb's new book Antifragile, he talks about the same concept that I am trying to display which is fragility in its individual parts will often create strength or antifragility for the system or structure as a whole. Basically, the individual human being is fragile, but the gene pool is not. I hope you enjoy these sculptures.

Type Paintings

I've always been fascinated with the concept of perception. What is real and how do we define real? From afar, a painting, a photograph, a quaint mountain village or even a friends relationship may seem beautiful, perfect and serene. An opinion or a perception is formed as to what you perceive as real. But once you take a closer look, peeling back each layer, focusing on its details, a different conclusion may arise. Or it may even confirm your original opinion. Of course, the opposite could also happen, first having a negative or uncomfortable feeling from afar but having a more positive and pleasant feeling as you conduct a closer look. Obviously this concept applies to everyday life as well, whether the subject is food, art, people or things.

Through my art I am trying to convey this concept. From afar, you see a portrait of Nelson Mandela which looks like it could be a pencil or charcoal drawing. But as you walk closer and closer, you realize it's created from a different media. After further inspection, parts of words start to emerge on top of layers of other fragmented words until finally, the completed word emerges, reading 'my hero'. Nelson Mandela is my hero and I created a portrait of him composed of only these words. A portrait of Che Guevara is created from the words 'bought a T-shirt' because I've also bought the iconic T-shirt when I was young and rebellious. Heath Ledger, the late actor who played The Joker in The Dark Night was created from the words 'such a shame' because of his unexpected early death. I hope by creating images through words it will provoke thought, discussion and even laughter. All the images are created with 4 point type.

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